1-Iconomania – Obsession with icons or portraits

2-Idolomania – Obsession or devotion to idols

3-Infomania – Excessive devotion to accumulating facts

4-Islomania – Craze or obsession for islands

5-Italomania – Obsession with Italy or Italians

6-Kleptomania – Irrational predilection for stealing..

7. Salvage(v) : to try to make a bad situation better:

8.Meagre(adj) : inadequate, scanty

9. Rising from the ashes(phrase) : To emerge renewed, revitalized, or reborn as something different following some total destruction or ruin. 

10. rivalry(N) : competition, struggle, coconflict

11. viable: capable of growing or developing

12. Cohabitation(N) : the state or fact of living or existing at the same time or in the same place.

13.Roll out(Phrasal verb) : officially launch or introduce a new product or service.

14.immunisation : the process whereby people are protected against illness caused by infection with micro-organisms 

15.vaccination (N) : treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease; inoculation.

16. Adverse(Adj) : causing harm : Harmful

17.Asymptomatic (Adj)-(of a condition or a person) producing or showing no symptoms.

18.Ravaged (V)-to cause extensive damage to.

19.Endemic (Adj)-Common and existing in large numbers.

20.Outbreaks (N)-a sudden occurrence of something unwelcome, such as war or disease

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