SBI Youth For India 2021-2022 select a niche group of candidates for the
fellowship through a series of selection phases. Stage -1 preliminary application of
fellowship is closed now. The preliminary applications are being reviewed on a rolling
basis. All candidates would receive their stage-1 result by Saturday, may 8 th on their
registered email id and phone number.

Who are eligible for SBI YOUTH FOR INDIA 2021-2022?

The candidate should-

  • be an Indian citizen, or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI).
  • be between 21 and 32 years of age on the day of commencement of the program,
    i.e., the candidate must have been born not earlier than 2nd August 1989 and not
    later than 1st October 2000.
  • Completed at least a Bachelor’s degree before the commencement of the program.


The application process typically commences in the first quarter of the year. For the
batch of 2021-22, applications are open now.
The 3-stage Application Process of the SBI Youth for India Fellowship is given below:

  • Stage-1 (Preliminary Application)
    Applicants can begin the first stage of the application process by sharing a few basic
    details in the preliminary application form. In this stage, the candidates are required
    to share their basic details like professional background, academic details, etc.
  • Stage-2 (Online Assessment)
    Upon the completion of the first stage, the selected applicant will be invited for the
    Online Assessment Stage, where they will be required to answer in-depth essay
    questions, which will give us a glimpse into the applicant’s world-views, perceptions
    and overall approach towards the fellowship.
  • Stage-3 (Personality Assessment & Interview.)
    To understand certain attitudinal aspects of the potential candidates, they will be
    required to take the personality assessment test. Post successful completion of this
    test, the candidates will be invited for an interaction with the Selection Board. The
    interviews also act as an avenue to closely interact with like-minded youth, SBI Youth
    for India Team, NGO stakeholders & our Alumni to understand the fellowship
    programme better.

Final Selection

The selected candidates will be notified on a rolling basis during the application
period via email and/or SMS. On confirmation, candidates will be sent the offer
letter, specifying details of the programme, fellowship support and terms and
conditions of the fellowship. Once the candidates have accepted the offer, the onboarding
process will be initiated. The selected candidates will be engaged continuously over an online
forum to get to know them better and clarify their doubts regarding the Fellowship.


  • A monthly allowance of 15000 INR for the duration of the programme to meet your
    living expenses.
  • A monthly allowance of 1000 INR for the duration of the programme to meet your
    transport expenses.
  • A dedicated provision for language support will be provided at the location.
  • A readjustment allowance of 50000 INR upon successful & satisfactory completion of
    the fellowship.
  • The cost of 3AC train fare from your residence to the project site location as well as
    expenses incurred on travelling for training programmes shall be covered.
  • A health and personal accident insurance policy will also be provided.


  • You will be assisted by the local NGO staff to find suitable accommodation with
    safety in mind.
  • The partner NGO will also arrange for necessary support as and when required.
  • An SBI Youth for India team member will be available for overall support & guidance.
  • Mentorship by experienced professionals in the field.
  • Access to the community through well-established Partner NGOs
  • Linkages with premier organizations of the country.